Darkness Looming – Troubles in Karolak (Steel Realms campaign)

Troubles in Jarolak….a Steel Realms campaign
GM: Larry James (2005-20??)
Campaign Dates: CY: 93??

Simon in Karolak

Simon Styx

The Collapse:

Simon and Paul Meet

Paul Dorn

The Deal Between Narcosa and Stone Hand

Paul reveals a small part of the deal between the two magical brotherhoods and that his brotherhood was just used as a courier for House Malor. The idol was delivered to House Narcosa, in Karloak, and has apprently been lost by them as well.

Searching for the Idol

The Old Warehouse

We found an old trap door undiscovered by the others using the place for activities.

Under Karolak

Sea-King Sewer System

Ancient Collapsed Ruins

Confronting Gaius of Narcosa

Unknown to the group, Gaius of House Narcosa is following leads to the tunnel entrance to the old drainage tunnels. He and his zombie minions are attacked by Simon and Paul, with traps and tactics driven back. Gaius is taken hostage trying to climb back into the warehouse above.

Makas Benson Joins

Final Confrontation

Return to Tunnels:

Uncoverend Ruins

Agents of Narcosa

Captives and Dealings

Paul makes a deal for himself to get a familiar summoned for him by House Narcosa as part of the ransom of the 2 wizards from House Narcosa.

The 2 wizards are forced to foreswear revenge on anyone in the group.

Returning the Ring