The Bannerman Oath
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Steel Realms
  • I hereby espouse my love of home and hearth – that [Place] is my home, the home now of my immediate family
  • I acknowledge that [Ruler] is the lord and master of my home, and that their law is my law and through it so am I protected and so shall I protect their people
  • I shall do all in my power to flourish here, to bring a sense of safety and stability upon my friends and family that are here
  • I will do all in my power to ensure the future security and prosperity of the land and its inhabitants
  • As my home and lord are one, as one prospers, so does the other; My [Ruler] is the will of the land and its peoples, their interest are my own
  • I shall obey the commands of my lord and liege; my loyalty is my honor
  • I shall contribute to the welfare of community through tithing to my liege, his family, and/or parties they designate in their stead