The World of Orlec Setting

Origins of Orlec

The world of Orlec was created by the mad wizard Orom. Soon after his act of creation, he was attacked fearlessly by Jack and Silvas (killed in the battle), the sword Boneshaker was nearly destroyed, and he was laid low. The remains of his attackers gathered themselves and made their way to finding the way home. Hiding in the ashes was Orom’s apprentice named Orlec. Orlec tried to stop his master, and was changed into a snail. The magics ceased once his master was utterly destroyed. Orlec gathered the remains of his master’s craft he could find and set out on his own. He gathered power from his dead master and was able to navigate the perils of the forming world as it grew. It had a will of its own, though Orlec made sure his name was heard everywhere he went. He became a legend, and faded to obscurity. No one knows the true fate of Orlec, or if they do they are not speaking of it. As the world’s second citizen – after his dead master – and most prolific one in its early days, folk just took it upon themselves to call it the Lands of Orlec. It became Orlec in short time, after all traces of him (or her?) vanished.

The Places

  • COST PORTION: 200 Silver Crowns is what the average starting adventuring PC manages to beg, borrow, earn and steal to start their life with

The Planet of Orlec-

Adjacent of the Steel Realms

Through lore and knowledge, the peoples of the world refer to the planet they are on as Orlec, generally understand it is a sphere, that it revolves around two suns. All this and that there are others like it in a larger cosmos and in the solar system. Beyond this, the basic understanding of tidal and wind currents, navigation, vulcanism, and weather are understood (to a degree), by learned people.

  • System: Tevverus, (Gohrmliht Imperium reference).
  • Planet Circumference: Large – about 125% of terra-earth
  • Axis: 25 degree tilt
  • Circuit(s): Transits the suns “Baelney” and (“Eurbis” – similar G-Type star to Sol in size and luminosity) every 236 days; daily cycle approximately 36 hours
  • Satellites:
  • Gravity: 120% of terra-earth norm.

The Peoples


As the majority of the early inhabitants were brought from other places, predominantly the Steel Realms, the languages are mostly imported.

  • Dundarum is the primary language
  • Feyloise Elvish – but a very large difference in dialect
  • Haushren The Kaithllen language
  • Impari The language brought to the world by the denizens of Montvin
  • Koondelesse The languages of the varying native tribes (about 12 different languages and dialects that will likely die when civilization comes)
  • Draconic
  • Orrish
  • Giantesh
  • Primordial An oddly pervasive knowledge of the languages of elementals. This is a religious thing in the northern kingdom

Orlec Information

Map of Orlec

World of Orlec