Valley of Sighs in the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

The barriers between worlds and realities are thinnest here. The area is legendarily evil and inimical, not considered safe for anything. Millions of restless spirits, dreams of gods, and memories of horror and violence roll over the blasted landscape. The death rattle final breath of millions of the dying still echo and reverberate in the winds. Screams of pain, battle sounds, prayers of the living to forgotten deities from “the olde Seat of Grey Birds”, and the gibbering of the mad fill the air.

God Storms

Strange storms of magnetism and lightning appear without warning. God’s breath (white/a fog of dead silence), ice (dark green) and fire (light blue) arc out in all directions. These are thought to ocurr on places where a drop or more of gods blood spilled in the battles here. They give birth to all manner of foul and strange creatures; These run amok in any random direction, threatening all who come into their path until they are killed. This happens every day, sometimes multiple times.

Vulcanism Nearby

Vulcanism Ref: Vulcanism on Helca

Dominating the southeast is Mt. Doom, where the Unholy Trio first set foot on Helca. A massive, slumbering volcano with activity that is barely measurable. South of it sits the remains of Black Wound – a volcano that last erupted in the Epoch of Celestials, blasting its dome and one side high, and tearing a massive gash eastward for miles. It rumbles constantly, and lava slowly oozes down when the caldera fills, in a south path where there is least resistance from the built up hills of the Black Wound.

D20 Creatures

  • Perytons
  • slithering trackers everywhere
  • Random monsters = dreams of gods and great spirits

Nightmares or dreams uplift = yes; can gwt spell knowledge, or skills?
Electrical storm life a blood cauldron rite
Meditation = no

Incarna Core Creatures


Knowledge is broken down by ease of discovery/availability. If nothing is indicated, assume Common Knowledge.

Common Knowledge

Most Recent History

Commonly Understood Origins

Commonly Understood Development

General knowledge…

  • Key Places
  • Key Entities
  • Key Concepts

Secret Knowledge

Note: Secret Knowledge is information not available in any known references; It is not necessarily Forbidden Knowledge.

The first Soul Tree of the faerie kin still lives in the Valley of Sighs – blighted and burned but has refused all attempts to extinguish its life force.

Realm's Aptitude Powers: Divine, Occult, and Psychic