West River County of Dunstrand (West River Run)

Steel Realms

Part of the “Twin River Confederacy”, as it is known now, the combined alliance of East River Run and WEst River Run. ‘Twin’ has double meaning – the two named river counties, between 2 rivers – Beyne on the north and Nanford in the south. It is often used as an insult – in that many believe alliance with the Merchant Cities is what holds the Duke back from altering the economic situation in Dunstrand – particularly the Riverdans… who despise the confederacy’s authority.

Ruler: Count Badgericus; family Badgericus – currently Darnid ‘The Badger’. He is an older man and known for his political and military tenacity.

West River

  • Faryain Barony


Knowledge broken down by ease of discovery/prominence.
If nothing is indicated, assume Common Knowledge.

Most Recent Stirrings

Early Years