Nanford Accord

Steel Realms

Law and the Nanford Accord: After the Riverdan Revolts of 8710, the Twin River Confederacy is given power to regulate commerce in Dunstrand. The accord legislates which bridges, roads, weights and measures and tariffs have to be paid. Technically the river lords have power in their domain, but it is greatly reduced when it collides with Duchy wide ‘trade and mercantile’ interests. The authority of the river lords was greatly curbed (in some ways) by the Nanford Accord, though ultimately the lords of the river lands, having little impact but local, do what they will.

Creation of Cerrans Grant

As part of the accord, the “shared” territory of Cerrans Grant was given unto the river lords. Intended to restore economic support to the Riverdans, it quickly became manipulated by the Twin River Counties.