Monaides (Riverdan)

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Monaides is an independent fiefdom of the Duchy of Dunstrand. In total it supports a population of some 6,000 people. The capital of ___ has a population of 2,100. The folk of this place share the common culture of the Riverdans.

Known For:

Ruled By: (Pledged Directly to the Duke of Dunstrand)

Rulership: Active; [‘Lord-Steward’ is proper, ‘Baron’ outside of Dunstrand] (Titled, peerage [knightly grant] based, matriarchal lineage)

Seat of Rule: The city of

> Symbol:

Factions: The most ancient faction is based on the lineage of the old families from the Fallen East. Like all the old families, they are associated with the League of the White Lily.

Armed Forces


[Approximate] Professional = / Volunteer = / Mercenary = / Levy =

Pacification Garrison Presence: NO

Total Population:

[Approximate] Urban = / Rural = / Remote =

Transient: Very little due to the economic depression suffered by the river lands.

Racial Division and Relations: Like all the Riverdans, the population is almost 90% human. A few Grollen, Half Elves, and Dwarves have found their way into the old lands due to the general acceptance (though they are still treated as outsiders) of any people.

Typical Perspective: Chaotic Good [Alignment]

Social/Cultural Norms of Note: The folk of this place share the common culture of the Riverdans. They take pride in the origins and shared culture with ancient traditions. They all share some common historical events, such as the River Nanford changing course. They are obsessive about their bloodlines and preserving the records around them.

Common Names:

Riverdan Basic Map

Riverdan Basic Map

Commerce, Economy, and Travel

Annual $:

Roads and Transport: Most roads are in disrepair. Markers have been left to rot or become overgrown. The river-side territories on the south are mostly lush flood plain lands. The river rarely floods any more, and all settlements are built on rises above the river levels. A few dykes or small seasonal dams are ready but often fail due to their state of disrepair.

Primary Imports:


Primary Exports: Orchards, grains, and grasses are plentiful.

When the river floods, it deposits silt and nutrients. The silver crown is accepted everywhere, but many transactions between those who live here are on a barter system due to the monetary poverty of the fiefs.

Crime/Criminal Element(s):

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Realm's Aptitude Powers: Divine, Occult, and Psychic