Aquarine Enclave (Bronzemen Ruins)

Steel Realms

Aquarine was a Bronzeman Enclave that straddled a river system known as the Two Snakes. It was a gleaming town that finally sunk when Dwindor was created, the rivers becoming a giant slurry and all traces of it vanished from sight and memory.

Giants were said to have built the bridge which guarded the Bronzemen Vale Lands from incursions by the monsters of the Sea Kings which would attack up the rivers from the sea. The bridge was flanked by two 80’ tall towers on each side. The giants of the earth built the great towers that anchored the bridge. Whispering in stone speak, they raised the towers in less than a fortnight. The towers stood strong with the power of their earth magic, making the towers last forever. The echoes of their commands reverberate deep in the earth, at the base of the towers. For ages, the bridge was a platform and source of magic which kept them safe. In the ancient brutal war for Dunstrand Vale, the Sea Kings shattered the settlement and sundered the dome of the great water cathedral which captured the sounds of the Vannuun through strange water pipes. In the battle, the bridge was broken as well – said to have killed one of the great kraken-beasts in its fall. Even when the city was destroyed, the towers stood tall. Try though they might, the remnants of the Sea Kings could not topple them. Lonely, haunting winds – said to be the echoes of the Vannuun, kept those who would purloin the secrets and treasures of the Bronzemen, away for centuries. As Dwindor grew, the plain the settlement stood on sank and transformed into Caliban’s Slurry. Every now and then, the tops of the crumbling towers can be seen when the tide on the Black Shore is low at the height of summer. The towers are filled with water, and the wooden floors and supports have long rotted away. The lack of safety and absolute lack of any easy treasure has kept adventurers away. The only visitors are archeologists and historians – who report that strange creatures still guard the ruins.


Knowledge broken down by ease of discovery/prominence.
If nothing is indicated, assume Common Knowledge.

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