XicXax Claws

Steel Realms
Pronounced “Zick-Zax”.

These hawkbill style blades were made from the bones of dragons. They have gradually vanished over time, as they do eventually get old and break. There is no known way of repairing them. Elite Dragonborn warriors used these, and it is thought they were a gift from their sires. Although they could be used by anyone, their power was amplified in the hands of the dragonborn. They would also go out of their way to reclaim these blades from those not of the race. At one point, the Orrish sought out these weapons because they were able to wield them without harm to themselves. Over thousands of years, most in their hands have broken or become lost… the Darklands has nearly none left, and what few there are are jealously hidden and guarded by Ork chieftains, instead of being used against the Lands of Light.

D20 Weapon Properties

  • Base Damage: [dagger] d4/2 (+1 avg. if the wielder is Dragonborn); Armor Piercing (AP).
  • Advantage on all saves to effect it.
  • Cannot be thrown due to shape (cannot be disarmed if the wielder is Dragonborn).
  • Martial Weapon; Simple Weapon if wielder has Dex and Str > 11.
  • Resilience: 2
If the wielder is Dragonborn:
  • When you kill a target with it, the wielder can use their Reaction to Intimidate a single target within 15′ – causing the Frightened condition until their next turn. If the wielder is of the same lineage as the bone, Intimidate is made with Advantage.
  • Breath Weapon save DC is base 10
  • Resilience is Greater.

Incarna Core Weapon Properties


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