Satchels of Mog

Steel Realms

When the east fell, the sum total of knowledge was packed quickly – as much as the history of the Blood of Saemon as could be was magically bundled and carried west – to what would eventually become Part Towne and the libraries there. Mog Discanso was the chief curator, and a magus of high power; he sacrificed himself to quickly create hundreds of these satchels for holding books. They were intended to hold the King’s Master Library collection, carried by apprentice mages. The bag would refuel their mana reserves in the hopes of them using their powers to keep the bags safe from the elements. The Master Library was taken away in the satchel – the most important books anyway. Since that time, the satchels have been spread all over The Steel Realms. Many have been destroyed in adventures or hidden in collections.

PRICE: 5,000 – 10,000

Requirements: Occult 1 to enact the mana restore.
The satchel can carry up to 30 large volumes (500 pages each) of reference books. Its carrier is only penalized 8 ENC – no matter the weight or how full. It and its contents gain +4 on any checks to resist damage or destruction. Once per week, the carrier may attempt a RSN check to restore their Mana Pool (up to 50 mana max.); failure indicates the loss of 1 Essence for 1 day.
If items other than records/books/ledgers are put within the bag, they simply fall through the bottom to the ground.

D20 List

Incarna Core List


Knowledge is broken down by ease of discovery/availability. If nothing is indicated, assume Common Knowledge.

Common Knowledge

Most Recent History

Commonly Understood Origins

Commonly Understood Development

General knowledge…

  • Key Places
  • Key Entities
  • Key Concepts

Obscure/Rare Knowledge

The inner linning of the satchels are made from Mog’s skin, the outer leather made from bear and ram’s hide. Exactly 300 of these were created. It is rumored that a few of these were made from the hide of Irubu – the dark flying steeds of Everdark – and be able to hold much, much more.

Secret Knowledge

Note: Secret Knowledge is information not available in any known references; It is not necessarily Forbidden Knowledge.

Other Materials

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