Grescot’s Line

Steel Realms
CURSE: > Once touched, the shield is attuned until the victim dies. The curse activates and the person will do everything in their power to keep the shield close and use it in battle – believing it to be the thing keeping them alive. However, the curse makes them suffer – 1 CON and they lose their last HD of HP from their maximum HP; their skin is always itchy when they stop and think about it.
> Remove curse works but must be cast on both shield and the target – though the curse of the item is not removed, just broken for that person.

+1 [magical] medium shield (2 resilience). Its a plank shield that is slightly scorched – otherwise it is unadorned. The wielder of the shield imposes Disadvantage on anyone who tries to grapple them. As long as the shield is not at the end of a shield wall, it counts as 2 shields for a shield wall. The shield floats on water as long as no more than 300 lbs. is attached to it (Sir Grescot has rumored to have a pathological fear of drowning!).

Sir Grescot was a knight, but never took the title formally. As one of the Free Folk, title meant nothing to him. He was a freebooter and adventurer, and had a passion to hate authority of any kind. Sir Grescot had the shield made for him by some unknown lord. It was rumored to be a gift for saving the lord’s family in the Barony of Elik-Sa. Some say he gave up his wylding ways and became a Black Gorgon – though this is not borne out by the hall of records.

Grescot made his last stand with it against one of the Druze Lords – Slag Silt-tongue, crow of the Mirred River. Slag had pushed the disease silt up the river into the coursing waters of its source flow and it was poisoning livestock and people. Grescot lead a shield wall charge to the edge of the river, then jumped into the silty river, covered in oil and had his followers light him on fire. He used his shield to prevent from sinking while oil was poured into the river, and he was the living ignition switch. The followers of Slag tried to take him down and somehow he managed to not be caught long enough for the fire to be lit. Only the shield was found later, cursed with a disease that made the skin itch and come off like silt.


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