Perfidious Gift (End Times)

Steel Realms

This is the prophesized ending of time and life on Helca. It is a time when everything is reversed. Those of Malek’s chosen will reign supreme over a world that is theirs to control forever as they see fit. It is the great betrayal that will end the world.


Knowledge is broken down by ease of discovery/availability. If nothing is indicated, assume Common Knowledge.

Common Knowledge

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Obscure/Rare Knowledge

End of world “as it’s known” – that is meaning the end of darkness; The Interloper will fall from the sky and the Curtain of Night will wither into tatters. Sun Stealer and Everdark die, and Gloombringer vanishes forever.

Secret Knowledge

Note: Secret Knowledge is information not available in any known references; It is not necessarily Forbidden Knowledge.

The Fog of Consciousness: Malek and Elancil came together on the shores of the Waerl Bay in the midst of a Waerlstrom. Under cover of the chaos of wind, water, darkness, fog, and rain, they shared a common vision born of the untold possibilities of the Chaos Queen, and the secret visions of the Whisper in the Dark. The world would end in darkness under the heels of the Unholy Trio, and both saw their own end in it if it could not be avoided. They schemed, and a great secret was born. Elancil would side with dark gods, infiltrating them. Malek depleted his duplicitous nature to hide the potential betrayal of Elancil from the dark gods. In the end, their trust of her would be their undoing. Elancil was made to remember nothing, so her treachery could never be detected. In the end, Malek will trigger her betrayal.

What is not understood is that it is a new age where all creatures no longer are pressed against constantly by gods against a common foe. All will be free to make their own alliances, together or not, not forced into compact. There will be no need of the gods.

Malek will never divulge the fate of Gloombringer, for he is enamored of her – if his plans come to fruition, it is his intent to warns her of the coming doom, and leave the world with her into the stars.

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