Steel Realms

State of Grace: All powers granted by the faith are available as the rules allow, assuming they are in good standing with their Divine Principle. The exception to this is if the character has powers granted by an institution of the faith and his not in similar good standing there.

D20 Power List

Incarna Core Power List

Blanket of Warmth

Bathed in Light

Glorious Radiance

Surge of Glower – An almost imperceptible aura of light outlines a target. Attention is drawn to the target; any activity requiring targeting towards the glower victim is given a +1. This could be spells, weapons, skills, or even grant a bonus to reactions towards them in cases where disposition is already friendly and the effect is not feared.

Words of Wisdom – Calms the listeners and gives them a +1 on any check to solve an issue?

Fire of Fascination – uses CHA of adjurer

Eldritch Infusing

Bewitchment –

Comfort of the Mother

Lure of Day – charms

Rollback the Darkness

Banish the Night

Pure Light – raises illumination instead of setting it to something + make the sun bane do damage = illumination levels.

True Light

Find the Way +4 to any checks to remain on target or prevent from getting lost

Surge of Bliss

Inner Radiance GF of all those in effect is added to STA, WPR for the next hour

Arc of Radiance – one of the few damage dealing powers, its main intent is to heal. It can affect conviction in number and heals all companions in 30m. To all enemies it acts as a glower. It deals Conviction in damage to all things of shadow. Those with shadow bonds take an additional amount equal to that rating.