Orom, Wizard of the Blood of Saemon

Steel Realms

There are only fleeting mentions of what is believed to be one of the original magi from the lands of origin whence marched the Blood of Saemon. After the crossing, he is only mentioned in a few texts, and never as a prime mover of anything, but only assisting in various efforts. No one knows anything about them other than the single name – not gender, race, or any emphasis on particular magical powers or items. The only reason that anything is known is because of the repeated references – all the way up to approximately CY 7300. Either undying, possessed of elven or demonic blood, or holding some magic to keep age at bay, every few hundred years references are mentioned, mostly in regards to projects in the Heroe’s Hall or with some wizardly order. There are several “studies” done by academics but they all cite the same sources and come to most of the same conclusions, though nothing can be said for sure. Many sources have contradictory small details about his importance, levels of involvement, and even skin or eye color.

Unknown to the World

He is a pudgy, with strange appearance – like half skraeling half human. Soft, childlike humanoid in form and appearance with a scarred and mangled back.

He was found by a group of adventurers in a muddled state (compared to his full power). Cowed and broken, he was subservient to them, as Orom’s true name was used to bind him – which they had stumbled across in his lair. Whipped by comrades for his many outbursts and perceived transgressions. Wandered with psychotic, selfish bastards for dozens of years. Enslaved in his own mind by guilt. When the group fell, he left and was free. Near what became Nlokra, near the ruins of the ancient fortress of Hallows Deep he came across ruins which mentioned the true names of otherworldly beings and tapped into the Equitus Crystal power of Helca. He was the only survivor of the expedition. He came across the workings of the celestial Iusaaset which recorded the birth of the Lightbringers. He discovered how to get to the Tevverus system and went with a mass of Equitus Crystals and formed the planet from the remains of the dead star of the once trinary system. The power drove him mad. Took his apprentice, Orlec, only. The tunnel/bridge of power is stuck open; It saps the energy of those who travel on it.

The Plan

CY 9160’s – Orom trying to drive high kings insane and kill own family members. Discrediting the lineage, he could take control of access rights and right of way for all waterways and control all trade and wealth. He decided to make an ancient runic circle and draw power for himself. He would collect waste from Oerdney and organic material converted into energy in a necromantic fashioning of his own understanding. It temporarily corrupted the Equitus crystals of Helca for hundreds of miles in all directions. The Salamanders Guild in Oerdney drained for his power to project to Orlec. No mention was ever made publicly of the strange and terminal sickness that spread through its ranks.

Intruding in the high king’s dreams, disrupting politics to allow the competitor family to take the throne, he would get what he wanted no matter the cost. There was a corrupted “bridge” that allowed him to operate from a distance. It was discovered by the Gallants and they back tracked him and attacked him whole his power was at its weakest.

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