Shadow Serpent of Svveny Dale

Steel Realms

Originally the shackles were made in the forge of Ikribu for the lords of light, from meteorite metals and dragon’s breath. Forged to gain control of the Shadow Serpent which burst forth from the grounds of Svveny Dale in CY 8002 on the south side of Lake Caolite – conjured by the powers of darkness to bring ruin. As long as a dragon nearly, it was a massive snake that had a shadow that frost-burned everything it was cast upon and brought the chill of the grave, and a devouring hunger that nothing could appease. It utterly destroyed the vale, nothing remains to mark it to this day. Great knights rode the largest war horse into battle against it, with mighty elephants conjured by the druids to hold the shackles. Dozens of the greatest knights in the region, their entire retinue, a thousand commoners and a dozen large elephants all gave their life in the dark of night to secure the shackles on the beast.

It was left in the daylight to burn under the cleansing rays of the sun. So great was its strength it nearly burst the chains. It writhed and twisted, torturing itself as the shackles cut deep into it as it flopped and crashed in its death throes. The chains were soaked in blood. Pieces of its body entangled in the mess of what was left – the serpent and chains could barely be told apart. But something happened in dying the way it did. Part of its evil essence was absorbed by the dragon-fire forged chains. The burnt remains were pried loose and the chains themselves moved! Weakly, but with the power of a hatred and hunger so great it transcended life itself, the chain began to seek new victims. Before it could control itself, and discover its newfound power, the Druids of Rhyl brought forth powerful earth elementals, that twisted the chain into a ball wound so tight it could not disentangle itself. Then the ball of chain was cast into one of the Oak-Bitter lakes deep in the forest of Rhyl where it could be watched.

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