Saivelaugh Charms (Steel Realms Adventure)


Saivelaugh (Elven Weald) You are surrounded by a circle of your friends at first, but it splits. A strange, beautiful woman clad in a gown nearly translucent walks through the broken circle to you. Sparkles of all colors drop off of her as she moves to you, creating a shimmering effect that transfixes you. She reaches and and caresses your face. “My servants have done well with you”, she murmurs. “They were right to extend the path of power to you, and your friends. I will guide you along that path human-child. In return you swore service to me. You cannot refuse me now when I say to you that you must go as you were going, seeking what you were. Among the faerie folk you will meet one known as Syree S’pree. Her you must ultimately remove her from her position for she works against your purposes and mine. However you choose to accomplish this is irrelevant. Remember this, you OWE me. I giveth, and i taketh away. You will be rewarded well. I give you this (she waves her hand and a bag appears floating in midair, which you take). Place in it a token of her so that i know you have done the deed – her head, or whatever you think will appease me and when you close it, it will return to me” (she laughs a little too boisterously for your tastes, you visibly cringe) – “Ohoh I am sorry, I did not mean to make you fear me. I wish your service out of love!” She takes your hand and begins to dance. You spin and spin and time passes. She and you laugh with joy and scream in delight. She makes you promise your service to her and she promises power to you. You wake up feeling supremely serene, but with an incredible hangover. Standing around you are your friends, you appear to have broken several mugs and furnishings around you… embarrassed you stand up. They tell you they all had the same dream, then you were dancing for hours through the night – keeping everyone awake, and no one had the strength to stop you. They only heard one side of the conversation while you are dancing (in describing the shouts you were making), and it makes them visibly suspicious.

RABAT: You decide there is no harm in telling them about your new found powers and how they came to be, since they basically already know anyway. “The Summer Queen of Faerie” is your patron”, says Tazia. “And now we are all embroiled in the politics of that fey land. For a long while I have stayed clear of the Unseelie politics, focusing on my mission to help women. But now it seems we are to be drawn in. We must tread lightly, these maneuverings can easily get us killed.”