Broken Lands of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

Forest of Bones

The Forest of Bones is a blasted and burnt forest – nothing grows, nothing dies. Its always been there, but no living creature goes there. The entire area around it is steppe/desert – it wont support much population and the it as a natural buffer between the Orrish and lands of civilization. The Orrish are not adaptive enough to survive in its hot winds and ash – too much working against them. Their shamans cannot even eek out water by magic means – such efforts are countered by forces which – despite their corruption – still hate the Orrish. In such as place the druids and human shamans still can. It is a place elves shun, a dead soul tree lies at its center, corrupted.


Knowledge broken down by ease of discovery/prominence.
If nothing is indicated, assume Common Knowledge.

Most Recent Stirrings

Early Years