Anumha Falls (Grey Falls of the Tolkisson Range)

Steel Realms

The freshwater of the spring which fed the flow over the falls was often included in referencing the falls. Within the waters was not salt, but a high mineral content, and strange crystals that were highly prized by the Ducateon. Its source constantly eluded the Ducateon – the great rushing of water would misdirect their vibration sense, sense of direction, and even magics of any that tried to gain access to the source by mystical means. The first King Dalmagen (The Unbroken Claw) swore that as long as the river flows, so too will their clan descendants sow their seed. For thousands of years or more, the Ducateon reaped great benefits and ignored the power confounding their seeking of the source.

When the east fell, the headwaters of the falls – the heart of Rockholm – became the scene of centuries of constant bloody battles between the Orrish and Ducateon, with a small contingent of Dwarven allies. The Ducateon rarely call upon Him for anything selfish, so it was with great surprise that a massive ceremonial ritual was enacted, to clear the way under the earth for the Ducateon of Rockholm to capture and secure the source of the Ducateon wealth and power. The ritual was somehow corrupted, violently turning the power back upon the land. The Greyfoam Sea drained, with the water flowing up the side of the sea basin and to the sea.