House Du’Orlok

Steel Realms

The existence of this order is shrouded in absolute secrecy. Hiding right under the nose of House Malor of Dunstrand, it is a secret order within a branch of the ruling line of the Riverdan of Monaides. Thought to be exterminated as part of the Purge of the Hidden, the remainder of their order chose to go underground but found a means of living. Those who would not abide by its tenets were killed. Since then, and aura of “normalcy” surrounds their home, and it is remote and technically off limits to House Malor being in the Riverdans. Ehrameine The Promiser bargained with a great entity of Order in a place beyond the stars called the Fortress of One. In return for an everlasting expression or lawfulness and order and to promote such things, her bloodline was gifted with its power. A ritual would awaken it to be developed in any that possessed it, or it could be taught by a blood relation bound to it that could already practice its gifts.

A few individuals are thought to have survived and fled into the deep north. One order changed its ways, adopted a new Patron and continued on, marrying into the family that ruled Riverdan of Monaides. The formed the House Du’Orlok, and are a countering force to House Malor in Dunstrand. The members of House Malor suspect the presence of these high art practitioners, but have not been able to prove anything.

To abandon it is to kill the spark; it requires a major ritual to re-awaken. This ritual has multiple copies kept in Tower of the Stag and Basterson’s Mill – but none are allowed to leave the confines of the warded room they are in, in Orlok Keep.

Orlok Keep

Realm's Aptitude Powers: Divine, Occult, and Psychic