House Mataff (Occult Order of the Hinterlands)

Steel Realms
A Standard Steel Realms Occult Order with standard benefits
Command of Occult arcane powers and entities.

House Mataff of South Drift – a small order of mages which pursue academic ends; recovery of lost artifacts and knowledge from the ancient northern kingdom. They have long sought out ways of holding back the undead from the ancient places of the north – despite being focused on divination and seeking out lost knowledge (they are rumored to have unearthed their signature ‘frost sigil’ from ancient sources in Fallen Dundaria), they are known as excellent defenders against minor undead. It helps maintain a “Scroll Vault” of the Thanes Library in South Drift that is erected and maintained there – safeguarding knowledge of the northlands.

  • Occult Theme/Motif: None
  • Presence Levels: Preeminent in South Drift only; Major, Minor, Trivial
    – Order Houses in the Hinterlands only.
  • Alliances:
  • Occult Focus: Schools of Magical Study…
    • Major: Divination
    • Minor:
    • Trivial:
  • Familiar Specialty: Owl [+5 hp]
  • Potion Specialty: Clairvoyance [Major Cost Portion/unlimited (2 at a time) for Major Presence]
  • Scroll Specialty: Augury – “The Voice in the Cold Mist”; Ritual practiced in the Hinterlands or Fallen Dundaria can get an extra use per day without penalty by invoking Frost Sigil Power
  • Lore Specialty: Undead, Monster, Kaald, Dundaria, Kalascor, Hinterlands

Sigaek’s Breath Variant: Sigil of Frost (“Mist-Sigil of Mataffrey”) – Those not of the order take 1 Cold Damage each sunrise while wearing it; -1 damage from any cold damage source (Occult Affinity or Aptitude); Chill Touch +1 damage and undead -1 saves
> Frost Sigil Power [-1 Essence; tied to Frost Sigil/only Major Presence members or better] they damage increase for Chill Touch happens 1 level less, i.e @4th, etc. If they are in Kaald or Dundaria, for each 4 levels the undead save is additional -1 vs. Chill Touch.

Threshold Offering


Typically a DC 15 or higher Check
Typically a DC 20 or higher Check