Malorian College

Steel Realms
Malorian Bardic Tradition

The wizards of House Malor of Dunstrand have, for a thousand years, sponsored a bardic school. This school is focussed on knowledge – in line with the wizard’s own motto of “Security Through Information”. The Malorian College was originally nothing more than a supplemental part of their training by the bard Tymo (the “Great Glass Sky”). Tymo, short for a long elven name that is hard to pronounce; wanted to retire in peace, malor said to mask/hide presence. He was born in the north, north of the blue wall, during the time of the Glittermarchto an Exilion mother, and a wild elven father.

Tymo was an elder half elf of Rhyl, who brokered a lasting peace between the faerie kin and Pine Tribes of Rhyl (peace of ____). He died at the age of 1204 – truly old for a half elf, and mostly b his own giving up the will to live. His blood and the soul gem created a great spirit, bound to Thesune’s Altar (of Delleth/Ezrilus). This altar is an outdoor one, maximized in its placement to be visible by moonlight during its cycle. The spirit of Tymo teaches under the stars and moon, fulfilling its pact with the order of House Malor beyond the death of Tymo’s body.

D20 Malorian Traits

Bard Colleges: Lore, Spirits (Can always choose Hero or Friends instead of rolling), Glamour
Spell Limits: Only spells of up to 3rd level taught; beyond this the bard must find or research themselves.
At third level, the bard must journey to The Panopticon of House Malor and be subjected to the gaze of the Eye of the Soul. Forever more the bard will not be able to Resist Detect Thoughts and scrying by members of the order.
The first 1st level spells learned must be Detect Magic and Comprehend Languages.
The first 2nd level spell the bard learns is Detect Thoughts.

Incarna Core Malorian Traits