House Malor (Occult Order of Dunstrand)

Steel Realms
A Standard Steel Realms Occult Order with standard benefits
Command of Occult arcane powers and entities.

House Malor is the confederation of arcane and occult aware operators that has its only patronage in the ducal family of Dunstrand. Their primary goal is the stability and safety of the duchy and its rulers. It is both an order, and at its top positions sits a hereditary household in direct alliance with the ducal family. It is not a secretive order within the confines of the duchy, though there are many rumors regarding the upper echelons of its members. One not need practice magic to be a member – it has many lower order members that can detect and spy upon those who do practice.

  • Occult Theme/Motif: None
  • Motto: “Security through information.”
  • Symbol: A White Pigeon on a diagonal red slash, leaning right and gripping a scroll.
  • Periaptery: To denote the magus’ initial training, a charm of iron and wood bearing wings wreathed in a chain is worn.
  • Talismanen: To denote the continued association, a the periaptery has the Eye of Delleb inset into it.

  • Talismanen: “Lens of Discernment” Allows the Attuned (only works for who it was made for) to see codes and symbols through the illusory script and learn the security protocols and passwords past the orders’ various magical alarms, magical wards, etc.

The Eyes of the Order: From the heart of the orders power are drawn crystals that adorn the accouterments of the order. These crystals are secretly placed in meeting halls, council chambers and places of important congregation. They can be used to scry from The Panopticon, and to detect magic read surface thoughts.

Occult Style

Occult Styles Thematic Emphasis: Divination, Earth
From the Panopticon crystal on rod of office. Adds detect thoughts, still total # = prof bonus
Thematic Ineptitude: Fire, Biomanipulation
Thematic Mastery: Divination
Thematic Frailty: Fire

Interactions with other Occultists

Warlock, wizards, and occultists in general not affiliated with House Malor properly MUST inform the order “before they set foot” in Dunstrand. Nominally, it just means they must check in and inform the group of their intentions while in Dunstrand, not that they become a Minor Presence within the order. No arcane or occult research is allowed within Dunstrand that is not overseen by the order – including ruin exploration and item/knowledge seeking. The exceptions are the Riverdans – which the order has only loose oversight in (much to their dismay). Independent wizards may operate their magical powers “at the forbearance of House Malor” – i.e. the order reserves the right to censure (shut down, inhibit, and even escort to the Duchy’s border if need be) the individual if they do not approve of their actions. The “fruits of any unsanctioned action may be forfeit by such wizards and their companions” in such cases. There is no absolute forbidden or allowed actions – and House Malor likes to keep it nebulous. Outside occultists can expect to have the order’s agents follow them for a while and at random intervals if they stay long. The order is known to use creatures – familiars and homonculus- extensively in this spying.


Current Heads of House and Members:
  1. Head of the House
  2. Master/Mistress of the House (x3)
    • Master of the Barque Chapel
    • Master of Doves (Mailai)
    • Master of Sceptres
  3. Journeyman of the order (x7)
    • Chainforged Master: Oversees the making of the orders’ mystical chains
  4. Apprentice Arcane of the House (x9 to 15); Apprentices who have finished their initial training and pledged themselves to the order.
  5. Apprentice Servile to the Order (x11 to 22); These are magi in training. They may advance to Apprentice Arcane, or simply leave the order after their training is complete. They are not entrusted with much knowledge of the inner workings of the order.
  6. MageGuard of Malor (2 Journeyman, 4 Apprentice Arcane); serves with the Duke and his personal guard.

Service and Tenets

Oath(s): I hereby swear, upon penalty of censure, exile, and even death if it betrays the ducal interests and leads to death, mayhem, and division, that…

  • High Oath: Dedicated to the causes and higher members of the order
  • Lesser Oath: Casual and lower members of the order
  • Oath of Erudition: Passing mages and occultists – The magic I practice, acquire, and that which I witness, shall be reported to authorities of House Malor along with any impressions and ideas that said magic may be against the betterment of the Ducal family and/or the stability of their lands.

Milestones of Service


Red Crook: A contact for the order in a locale, they keep a Red Rookery for sending messages. Given an Eye of the Order, under protection of the order. Tithe 10% (rookery expenses paid by the order).

Notable Locations of House Malor

Nearly every place, even small towns and some villages, have some member of the community which relays information to House Malor. In every city (and most towns) in Dunstrand is a place to get homing pigeons at the very least to return to Dunstrand City and the order house there.

Members of its order will generally not be found within the Riverdans – as they have no authority nor do the locals support them (though they will not simply hinder them because of their affiliation). In the north of Dunstrand, the twin river counties, the order has a harder time operating. While they nominally have unfettered access, the rulers of the northern counties are known to keep the counsel of the Lightbringer clergy, not House Malor, on matters of the occult.

Characters of House Malor


  • Access to libraries of knowledge
  • Spell Libraries
  • Access to Red Rookeries (messenger pigeons used by the house members – found in all major cities/towns)
  • Red Satchel: A [minor magical item] holding a messenger pigeon kept in stasis – every member carries one
  • Access to the pure metals mined only in Dunstrand: silver, tin, copper, iron – for making their chain of service

D20 Order Powers

Forging the House Malor Chain of Office: Grey Link at every third level achieved, Copper Link if Divination learned, Silver link if Arcane Eye learned, Iron Link when 7 divination spells learned, Black iron link when a master of Cryptography, Bronze link when True Sight is learned, Crystal link if Scrying is learned.

Background: Scion of House Malor

A Scion of the House is a magus raised from a young age to be part of the house operations. They are dedicated to the mission of the house and steeped in its lore. Scions are housed in guild halls, and travel to all the halls and places of importance to the house. They serve in ceremonial and official capacity, witnessing many events and tending to the needs of house members.

  • Skills: Arcana, History
  • Lores: Dunstrand +2, House Malor +2; choose 1 from: Law, The Deeping, Cryptography for a +2 bonus
  • Spells: Locate Object goes to 1 mile and lasts 30 minutes within Dunstrand; The character may cast Commune with Nature 1/Long Rest while within the confines of the Duchy of Dunstrand – the casting with cause 2 levels of Exhaustion until a short rest is made. All divination spells last only half duration for the first month the character leaves the duchy.
  • All other members of House Malor treat the character as if they are Familiar in terms of resisting scrying. All members are required to leave a lock of hair in the guild hall that they were educated in.

Irya’s Chosen

A select few females of the ranks of Scions are chosen to serve in the Irya’s Chapel. This is a sacred place to Ezrilus, the goddess of magic. Human women are brought at the age of 14 to be tested in the eyes of the goddess. They are required to make a Constitution check DC 12, using their Intelligence modifier. They must not be evil or selfish in nature or outlook. Regardless, the victim suffers 1 HP of damage permanently. If the succeed, they take 2 HP damage and their eyes will slowly change to a glittering silvery pale grey over the next 4 years. They become a living link to the power of the goddess, and serve in the Panopticon to channel her power. In exchange, they gain a +1 save against magical affects other than those in the Panopticon, Darkvision 20′, and Resistance to cold. They gain Disadvantage on Stealth checks. The chosen lose the ability to cast any cantrip which uses fire and cannot bear children.

Specialized Knowledge – Arcane Eye: If Silver link forged, can cast up to 4th level divination/detection spells through it.

Specialized Knowledge – Detection: For each grey link in their chain, while within the Duchy of Dunstrand, the duration and/or range is doubled (choose 1).

Incarna Core

A full allowance of starting currency + tithe (50% value of all goods, lands/taxes, property/production)
For each level of sorcery: 1 spell of highest level on gaining new sorcery level
For each level of math: 1 parlor trick
For each level of cryptography: A ring on the rod of office
For each level mana sense: A number of items equal to the achieved level which holds a single use of any spell the apprentice has.
For each 6 months of service: An apprentice rank spell
For each year of service: A novice rank spell
Each guild hall has a Occult library ranging from +1 to +4 with research assistants for a cost (added +1)
For 5 years equiv. service: Teaching the basics of astrology (/iweb/game/pubs/incarnations/issues/vol1/issue2/#astrology)
For 10 year equiv. services: Training for horoscopy (skill path of astrology)

Realm's Aptitude Powers: Divine, Occult, and Psychic