Adosian Brotherhood (Occult Order of Necromancers)

Steel Realms
A Standard Steel Realms Occult Order with standard benefits
Command of Occult arcane powers and entities.

The free city of Ados is home to the feared and barely tolerated loose confederacy of wizards practicing their necromantic arts. They have but a single Order House, in the city itself. It is here that all apprentices are trained and where common research is done. It is referred to as “The Hall of the Hanging Dead”.

Cannot summon/bind or control elementals.



Hall of the Hanging Dead

The infamous home of the order in the city of Ados.

Accouterments of the Order

Soul Seeker: These stilettos are fashioned of a strange onyx like substance as strong as metal. They are given to all who achieve the highest ranks of power. Those that they strike down, become animated corpses in service to the wielder. These radiates an oppressive miasma in a 5′ radius.

D20: +2; any necromancy spell cast by the wielder can drop the target to 1hp instead of killing them

History of the Adosian Brotherhood

  • CY 6407

    Founding of the brotherhood.