Occult Orders of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

These generally follow the fantasy template for Occult orders.
@RP Impact:

The Occult – Command of arcane powers and entities.

Common Mundane Requirements of Order Members: Generally a member must wear some badge of identification or have it adorned on their items. They must use order’s colors and significant symbols in their normal worn clothing, also it is expected that the practitioner wear any symbols or rank and/or office prominently. There are base symbols all occultists are expected to wear in order to present themselves, magus culture and set expectations to those seeking to employ them or assist them. Each of these is set within the previous when adorned.

Occult Order Template

Forte: +2
Vulnerability: +2
Feat Learning: Can teach Magic Initiate
Organized Learning: If the character starts their career a member of an order, and takes the Sage background, they can add 1 addition spell known at first level and learn an extra Cantrip, which must be the ultimate functional demonstration of the occult – Prestidigitation.
Hospitality: The benefits of the Rustic Hospitality feature of the Folk Hero background, but from the order instead.
> Shelter of the Faithful
Symbol Armor: Mage Armor can be cast and the order’s symbol appears as if emblazoned on them.
Common Learning: Detect Magic and Mage Armor are automatically learned at 1st level, but count as only 1 spell for spells known.

Adept Schools: The members gain Advantage in learning spells from these schools. Most have only one.

Order Focus: Requires 1 Essence [permanently]. Takes the place of the Arcane Focus, up to the level supported by their presence within the order. Members are Attuned to it through a central order symbol, protected by the order. It grants entry and access to the order’s places and services. It can also locate the member for the purposes of divining their location or scrying.

Bonded Recovery: In addition to PHB. Always something related to what the order is known for. If the Order Focus is broken, this will not function.

  • Trivial Presence: Basic services are covered – a place to rest, meager fare, replenish mundane supplies – for their modest minimum or 5% tithe. Professional services like legal advice come at a reduced price. These members largely go unheard and are mostly in it for a little knowledge without having to commit to a major tithe and support.
    1st level spells. Spell availability will vary by group.
    Identification of magical items at cost.
    Scrolls of Detect Magic, Mage Armor, Alarm, Arcane Lock at half cost.
    Scrolls of any first level spell the order has catalogued with a 10% discount.
    Potions: Healing, Water Breathing, Feather Fall
    Fetish: [1 use] Water Breathing (fish head), Feather Fall (feather), Comprehend Languages (dust)
    Mundane Healing: Salve, Burn Balm, Poultice
    Kits: Herbalism, Medicine *Limit of 1 per Long Rest (if available)
    *If the institution has the materials. All have a magic library for the Arcana skill knowledge.
    Common Knowledge: [5] 50% Cost Portion
    Uncommon Library: [10] 100% Cost Portion
    Rare [15] 200% Cost Portion
    Secret/Hidden [20+] 500% Cost Portion
    Lores Taught: [Arcana]; Each Lore will have the maximum level of knowledge noted in terms of what contents are available in their reference body.

  • Minor Presence: (Includes Trivial Presence benefits). These members, in exchange for 10% of their income generally, in it to foster the goals of the group and secure a guaranteed and safe place to learn new magic. Services like civil and legal advice are generally free (without complications).
    Access to 1st – 3rd level spells. Spell availability will vary by group.
    Bonded Recovery: 1 1st level spell
    Identification of magical items at 50% normal cost.
    Feat Learning: Magic Initiate, Ritual Caster
  • Major Presence: Major members of the guilds are active and pay a major tithe (25% of their income generally). They report on their whereabouts and travels (without giving away secrets of the PC’s) and information they have gained in order to better inform other members. Each item they gain must be provided for examination by the order and catalogued. Quests and time tutoring or researching for the school or copying texts each annual cycle is likely included. Advice and services like legal advice are free are reduced to 50% of their cost. They officiate some ceremony and participate in group administration.
    Access to 1st – 6th level spells. Spell availability will vary by group.
    Bonded Recovery: One 1st and one 2nd level spell.
    Identification of magical items for free.
    Feat Learning: Magic Initiate, Ritual Caster, War Wizard, Spell Sniper
    The study of new spells at 50% normal costs.
  • Preeminent Presence: As with Major Presence, but they are leaders and representatives within the community and are part of higher group administration. A certain amount of time each year must be allocated to maintaining their presence.
    Access to 1st – 7th level spells and higher order knowledge by spell availability.
    Bonded Recovery: Two 1st, two 2nd level spells, and one 3rd level spell.
    The identification of magic items and all spell research is free.

Common Benefits: