Occult Culture in the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

The study of magic requires decades to master, and is organized primarily into the Tutelage tradition. Most wizards are loath to share this hard won knowledge and choose to become independent after training, even if initially trained by a guild, master or order. Many wizards see the quest for occult power as the ultimate pursuit of knowledge. Wizards are seen as power seeking and secretive by those outside its study. Within its study is competition, sometimes open, other times hidden, but in all cases having lethal possibilities.

Joining an Order

Because joining an order takes Essence to attune the magus, it is not done haphazardly or lightly. It also means the character, like those associated with divine orders, have another voice of authority they must answer to – and loyalty within a group of adventurers may be tested.

Common Precepts

  • An order will allow those that join it only Trivial or Minor access if it is not the magi’s primary order.
  • The magus must carry their Order Focus at all times.

Leaving an Order

Essence is not regained, but the bond with the Order Focus is broken as soon as the magus renounces or violates the tenets of the order.

Relations with Other Magic-Using Types

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