Notable Items of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

Trafficking and Selling Notable Items: The legal sale of any singular or notable item is usually registered and sent to the Room of Records in the Hall of Heroes in Oerdney. While many one use or disposable items are available, permanent magical items are rare. Crafter’s Mark: The use of an item made by a famous and recognized crafter (or their guild/trade/school) may also be the equivalent of a Prestige Marker. Nearly all the magical items on Helca are made with ‘Singular Binding’ – they are made for a specific individual. The magic contained in the item is attuned only for the individual’s Essence It is made for. It is the easiest way of making magic items’s grasp for power to a minimum.Only the most powerful are persistent and not singularly bound with an Essence… even divine items. Almost all persistent, non singularly bound items are unique and made for a specific purpose. Local criminal enterprises are involved in currency, trade, items and services of all kinds, even local banking (money keeping/lending) and in some cases controlling crafters and their goods production.

Some notable items are made from mundane but rare minerals (like Beryllium) or processes that make them more powerful.

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Realm's Aptitude Powers: Divine, Occult, and Psychic