Moonlit Armaments

Moonlit armaments are weapons very similar to the Living Weapons of the faerie races. The weapons are less “crafted” and more assembled – cruder versions of what would typically be called “self” weapons (and have exactly the same statistics). All Moonlit weapons are assembled from natural components – napped rocks, antlers, bone, wood, sinew, wound rope, bark, etc. The weapons are treated with materials mined, cut, soaked, etc from an Animus Font. A series of Ritual and Ceremonial procedures are made, invoking the powers of either Gia, Darupet, Ezrilus and/or the great spirits of the Wylds under the light of the moon for a full monthly cycle. If a weapon normally uses munition, those munitions must be made from the same sources in the same processes. Afterward, if successful, the items acquire the following characteristics:

Natural Aura: DO not radiate or detect as magical. They can never be imbued with Essence or have an actual entity Aura.

Facsimile of Craft: The weapons have an appearance of tightly crafted and well made. They are as strong as their corresponding metal versions, just slightly smaller.

Hunter Bound: The weapon requires a single living being to be Attuned to it. If it goes longer than a year without being attuned, it withers to dust and dies. All others who seek to use it will find the item twists, bends, and even will harm the wielder.

Warmth Seeker: The weapon gains a movement rate of 1m per hour across natural surfaces and will seek to always be at rest (sleep) with the person they are attuned to, if it can see them.

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