Value, Currency, and Trade in the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

Value and Worth: Most deal in barter or sell, and few actually trade. Fine crafted materials are used to signify station – jewelry, art, furniture and furnishings, clothes, etc. Those who have wealth tend to show it, as it commands more respect and authority when it comes to priority of items, borrowing, and division of spoils. Some use rumors of wealth and items, but invite theft without a means to defend it well. Keeping wealth safe uses secure rooms and containers – these are the best ways of storing wealth and money close, but also attracting thieves and muggers. Money Lenders – Locals for a small fee of 1% to 2% they will hold it guaranteed for you – there is no need to worry about keeping it safe, its guaranteed. Local criminal enterprises are involved in currency, trade, items of all kinds, even local banking (money keeping/lending) and in some cases controlling crafters and their goods production.

Coins and Trade Bars

Currency value is backed by the High King’s accumulated treasury and silver mines. The exact trade weights are maintained and set by Bank of the Silver Stacks.

  • 20 Copper Cups = 1 Silver Crown
  • 4 Bronze Stars = 1 Silver Crown; 1 = 5 Copper Cups
  • 1 Silver Crown (SC; the standard) / Trade Bar = 200sc
  • 1 Silver Talent = 10sc
  • 1 Gold Crown= 10 Silver Talents / Trade Bar = 1000sc

Copper Cups: These are minted by High King’s Vaultworks in Ados. The mountains to the east of Ados are rich in copper (at sometimes disputes with the Ducateon break out over it). In the last hundred years, Gwinn has established a mint for copper coins in the north and is relied on when the politics or war strain the minting of the Adosian coins.

Bronze Star: Originally these were made in the mints in Oerdney and Kaald in the north. They are still accepted and in circulation, but have not had any new ones minted in hundreds of years.

Silver Crowns: These are minted by High King’s Vaultworks in Oerdney.

Silver Talents: These were minted by the Kingdom of Umbak. Since CY 8000, there has been no new minting’s, but they remain in circulation and are accepted. On special occasions, Umbak will mint a limited commemorative set, though it typically does not go outside Umbak.

Gold Crowns: These are minted by High King’s Vaultworks in Port Towne.

Money Lending and Converting

Money Lending is considered a tolerable activity, but generally not well thought of. Few fiefdoms have any official institutions except Umbak (and only for Umbakians). Local money lenders also convert items of worth into coins and trade bars. Simple transactions will cost a few Silver Crowns (generally anything under 500sc), or up to 5% of the total value for larger transactions.


Selling of Used Items: As a general rule, quick sale of used gear sold in basic functional condition, will garner 50% of its value. Gear still functional, but used (ex: Resilience spent) will garner 25% of value. Individual items may be sold to other parties for more, but this often takes time and perhaps even permits if sold outside proscribed means. Scarcity and conditions (i.e. war, famine, etc.) will also factor in the value.

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