Items and Services of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms
COST PORTION: 200 Silver Crowns (standard currency)
Mundane items conform to the use of standard Incarna items.

Some places restrict the sale of items depending on circumstances such as famine, war, etc. All items of value are typically marked by the crafter, their shop, or family/institution brand. All values and costs are average value, varying by region, circumstances, and availability. Crafter’s Mark: The use of an item made by a famous and recognized crafter (or their guild/trade/school) may also be the equivalent of a Prestige Marker. Rare items like Beryllide armaments have no specific value, some being priceless or beyond the means of most. Local criminal enterprises are involved in currency, trade, items of all kinds, even local banking (money keeping/lending) and in some cases controlling crafters and their goods production.

Typical Work Week: The work week of most places is 6 days a week. The pace is usually fair and work typically never starts before sun up or goes beyond sun down and includes a fairly long break mid-day. Many businesses that have the facilities will run multiple short shifts. Employers wanting maximum efficiency often provide basic foodstuffs and drink.

Typical Wages of the Steel Realms

Job Daily Wage Benefits/Explanation
Common Day Laborer 2 sc + typically low quality food
Full Time Laborer 3 sc
Specialist 4-6 sc
Mercenary 4 sc Food + Lodging; Share of Loot
Soldier 7 sc Food + Lodging; Discounted services
Tradesman (apprentice) 5 sc + shared food/lodge
Tradesman (journeyman) 10+ sc
Tradesman (master) 30+ sc
Team Lead +50% base 3-8 people
Crew Chief +100% base 9-30 people
Scribe 8-10 sc literate

Typical Mundane Service Costs of the Steel Realms

Service Cost Benefits/Explanation
Low Quality Meal 5 coppers calories basically
Common Meal 10 coppers (bread, cheese, ale, potato, turnip, beans, rice, lard)
Common Meal (prepared) 1 sc
Decent Meal (prepared) 2 sc (includes a some meat)
Good Meal (prepared) 4 sc (includes wine, pudding or pie, meat, butter, gravy)
Night of (low quality) Drinking 1 sc
Night of (common) Drinking 2 sc
Common single room [tiny] flat 8-10 sc Monthly; not including heating
Common 2 room [tiny] flat 15-20 sc Monthly
Common 2 room [large] flat 30+ sc Monthly
Bathhouse 1 sc

Other Items and Services

Magical Item Properties

Magic/Mystic items are typically Singularly Bound, requiring Essence. Identification of magic items is a risky proposition. This is typically done at high cost and risk by professionals who are set up to handle the eventualities that may go with this.

Base Cost: 100 silver crowns
This includes basic properties, charges, name, and whether or not it is cursed or sentient in any way.

Extended Cost(s): If the item was cursed, another 50sc is required to rid the experimenter of it. If the item requires Attunement to discern its properties, an additional 50sc fee will be required.

Realm's Aptitude Powers: Divine, Occult, and Psychic