Spears of the Mother

Steel Realms
An offshoot of a more ancient order, it was reserved for nobility of the three ancient ‘Clan’ houses of the Laerthian Council. Some of its best Rauket players have come from the ranks of this fellowship – they are trained from before they can walk in it as a way of starting their martial understanding. Though this order is known to exist, none speak of it or acknowledge it.


The members of its order were said to be taught mystical arts.

  • Race: Human only
  • Class: Eldritch Knight; pledged to Elancil and nothing can break the bond.
  • Essence: At first level, they lose 1 Essence in pledging to the goddess Elancil. At second level, they sacrifice another Essence to their goddess and, whenever they use Action Surge with a spear they gain Tears of the Spear – They may give of their water (3 HP damage) and use the Parry combat maneuver (using D6 for superiority dice) in the same round against one attack and doubling their DEX bonus against another (min. 1).
  • Instead of an Extra Attack at 5th level, they gain the Feat: Spear Mastery. If they already possess this (most do – its encouraged early on) they instead gain the Breath of the Mother: Water Breathing for a number of hours (min. 15 minutes per use) per Short Rest equal to their CON bonus (min. 1), they gain an additional superiority dice for Tears of the Spear and add their CON bonus, and if standing on water or doused in water, their 1/Long Rest they may cast Thunder Wave at their Character Level; if they are not near water, it does 6 HP of damage +3 per extra dice of damage).
  • At 7th level they may breath the Breath of the Mother into a number of other characters equal to their CON bonus (min. 1).
  • At 10 level they may cast a spear, forgoing all other attacks, and have it turn into a Cloud of Daggers (small spears) anywhere within range of what they could throw. They can do this 1/Long Rest.


Knowledge broken down by ease of discovery/prominence.

Common Knowledge

Formation: It consisted of second and third sons of high noble houses, pledged since birth to Elancil. Formed in response to the ever-encroaching threat of the Bronzemen against the Sea-Kings, the order is a sect of knights, nominally a special branch of the Order of the Trident is how it started out.

The Oath: The absolute loyalty oath taken to their goddess binds the oath-taker forever. Neither may sever the pact except by death.

Uncommon Knowledge

The Splitting” (CY 9139): By order of the new Emperor, the order was “dissolved”. History records the willing retirement of its members, but in reality they did not go willingly. To take power from the councils, the Emperor had one of its biggest militant defenders eradicated. They were sent en mass to the north, where they fought for years – thinning their numbers. When the last band was returning to Gwinn, having served their allotted time, they were ambushed and taken captive. They were beheaded and their boat was shattered and sank – the destruction blamed on Umbak.

Rare Knowledge

Secret Knowledge

Destruction of the Order – The Real Story

The order of The Spears of the Mother was gathered before the general of all the Gwinnish operations in the north – General Sir Misah Gibraeth (now a Duke of Imperial Gwinn). They were asked to all sacrifice themselves for Gwinn, for the greater glory of the families represented. All of them agreed, to the last man. At this time there were more than 120 of them. They were all sworn to the emperor and to The Confessor – the highest and most dangerous priest of Elancil in the Gwinnish service. A mission that would affect the fate of the burgeoning empire and the world was about to be undertaken.

The order escorts The Confessor to a remote place in the north, and there seems to be a lot of resistance from the minions of the Lich Lords to their safe arrival at the place of meeting. At least half are killed in getting to the agreed upon frigid locale. There, the high priest meets Ladril Kolman, the Bard of Bluesong and a Black Gorgon in service to the High King. The members of the order are witness to a clandestine meeting between the two where the fate of the Steel Realms is set forward. In the meeting, the two sides agree on a plot to put the north in a pincer. Gwinn will put pressure on the north while agents of the High King hinders any aid. Eventually the “free north” must turn to Gladnor for assistance. In return, the High King will miraculously win a pitched battle. In the settlement, he will recognize the seizure of Tarmysia (under the pretense that it was originally a Sea King settlement and culture) and the northern isles in exchange for peace. The Emperor will pay a nominal tribute to assist in the war against the Winter Host.

The order marches The Confessor back, and the minions of the Lich Lords whittle their number down to 18 before they reach the western coastal area. They must sense something about the meeting, their agents are everywhere. Even some priests of various gods and fanatics confront them – though none seem to know the specifics of why their own god may have sent them to stop The Confessor.

The eighteen remaining members of the order are returned to Gwinn. There they enjoy a week of celebration and decadence, as only a king may know. High on drink, drugs, and pleasure, they are easily corralled. Taken on the emperors own ship, they continue their partying out to see. All on board are imbibing. The guards have been told the order has betrayed the Gwinnish cause and they must die. The members of the order believe they are being sacrificed in a holy ceremony. The following boat ropes up and at dawn the members of the order seem to comply in their drugged condition and are beheaded. This ends the only witness to the evil deal that the High King of Gladnor and the rising Empire of Gwinn have made.