Equitus Helca/Monarch’s Crystal

Steel Realms

Throughout Helca, buried deep and in veins on the surface are massive plots of green crystalline structures. Some are massive single crystals, in other places a field of smaller ones. They are all composed of a material that is not natural, nor can it be created through magic.

They are not discoverable by any known technical or magical means. They do not appear to register in any magical methods of detection. The strange green emerald-like quartz is imbued with a strange sentience. It has powerful properties to augment and enhance any type of power, but especially magical. It is virtually unknown to commoners and misunderstood by most who manage to find it.

Unrecorded Diaspora

The Nakrehan Diaspora was a moment in time when a massive comet strike threatened the entire planet with extinction. At this point, it was a golden age of collaboration, with populations not warring or growing too swiftly. The “Look Away” is what it was called, because it was as if the great beings the populace was used to being able to contact had looked away and were not protecting them as usual, from such calamities. A group of each species was gathered, all of them younglings with the strongest of Merovin sparks, and sent out into the cosmos as a means of the species surviving.

The comet struck and Helca was nearly ruined. All three species survived, but it became survival battle of competition. Recorded history was gone. Civilizations were gone. Helca Was left alone for billions or more years, as the Greate Ones, ashamed of failing in their vigil, made sure no such event ever took place again.

In the far-flung future, the descendants of the Nakrehans would return, leaving the world they had grown powerful in. The Celestials of the Helca would return to claim their legacy, and to raise up their brethren as they had discovered the way in themselves.

Forbiddance of Olde Ones

There are none on or bound to Helca. So great though is Helca’s power they have been physically repulsed, though they do come through dreams to influence the few on Helca with a desire for power and low scruples. Their drives are felt on all worlds, they interrupt the servants of higher powers, and corrupt anyone they can.

Woken World

It is known by all that the planet itself has some form of awareness. It manifests in different ways, but commoners swear that the northern lights have a shimmering woman’s face in them, and that whispers of the bounty of the coming year can be heard in her voice. Helca has an especially potent version of Monarch’s Crystal, and the entire planet has achieved a level of consciousness that it senses through using these crystals.

Spiritus of Helca: It appears as a shimmering green woman, with blurred features. Its manifestation cannot be harmed in any way on Helca itself. Its voice is soothing and “breath” is warm – it sounds like a woman’s voice overlaid with a windchime of crystals.

Boons of Helca

Boons are granted when characters perform great actions to rid the world of corruption and taints.

Cradle of Health

D20 Cradle of Health

The character increases their healing rate over a Short Rest by 1.

Incarna Core Cradle of Health

Realm's Aptitude Powers: Divine, Occult, and Psychic