Osten-Pallaus (vanished sect of the Fallen East)

Steel Realms

It is commonly referred to as a Cult or Sect in modern times, but it was once the dominate synthesis of the gods and forces of nature that was prevalent in the eastern lands before they fell and were consumed by darkness. It seems as if the faith never endorsed The Godspeak Accord, though was homogenous enough to have been considered a Unified Pantheon. All of them had their place in the order of things, but the primary faith components were as follows:

Principal Aspect(s) Known For

Followers of the Faith

For for information on Roleplaying a character of faith, see the Divine Follower guidelines.

Avatar Manifestation

Favored Avatar:

Paullus: (The Father) Manifests as the world tree; cult of Ikribu/Darupet.

Osten: (The Mother) Manifests as the roots of the cosmic tree; tree cult of Aerna/Gaia.

Rasturi: (Offspring) Manifests as the rooting out of disease and blight. Tied to Rastur and Whelm.

Hotaru: (Offspring; Termital/hermaphrodite) Manifests as new shutes; [All Else]

Delleth: – No Material; pure knowledge


3 sided Pyramid = symbol

There are some obscure texts that link the Bestial Urges of Rastillion’s Diabolique (Malificent Minorus) to the cult.

Realm's Aptitude Powers: Divine, Occult, and Psychic