Maðr, The One (“Him”; Ducateon faith of the Steel Realms)

Steel Realms

The Ducateon are technically monotheists. Although they acknowledge that there are many aspects to this divine entity, they refer to it as “Him”, “Maðr”, or “The One”. Maðr, pronounced “Mann” by most, though being grammatically masculine, it usually refers to the entity irrespective of gender. They openly individually venerate other deities as aspects of Maðr. This entity has never affirmed participation in The Godspeak Accord.

Principal Aspect(s) Known For

Followers of the Faith

For for information on Roleplaying a character of faith, see the Divine Follower guidelines.

Avatar Manifestation

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Cults, Sects and Orders

The Pillars of Strength

Said to be located in a Rhenclave with a Resonance Chamber of immense power, the Ducateon Collective are believed to sponsor this cult in order to watch over the most powerful items in the collective’s possession. It is mentioned a few times in the ancient histories of heroes, but its exact location has remained a secret forever.

Realm's Aptitude Powers: Divine, Occult, and Psychic