Order of Akula

Steel Realms
These monks value education, enlightenment, and knowledge in their spiritual journey.

The area was special they had discovered an unprecedented 3 Animist Founts; 3 natural nodes nearby – three anima fonts all connected to a far away cavern under the falls of Evenrude – the Emerald Falls. One was a node at the top of the falls, a dangerous one that was betimes corrupted by the light of the Interloper. This was the only node that the world at large knows about (and part of the reason the monastery was there – to keep an eye on it). Another the found at the trade station of Southdrift, called Horizvhal in those days. The third one was in Creb-Neverood and was the cause for the doom that found it when the Winterhost corrupted it.
In Creb Nevarood was their test for the Iron Fists; they were pit against the sisters of Mercy of Aerna. The sisters provided unflinching targets and when an accident happened, and the acolyte failed a test, there was no animosity or thought of impropriety. Once the monastery was lost, the way fo the Iron First went with it. These monks also had Channel Divinity.

Ruins of Doinesh

Doniesh in the Hinterlands was a center for learning and the faith for the Monks of Doinesh. The Monks were Ikribu Light Worshipers, renowned for their monastic traditions practicing a new idea of “natural” fighting and channeling their inner power. Doniesh fell, as did the north, when the Winterhost of the Lich Lords rose and took the once proud Dundarian Kingingdom. It was sacred to them because they had found an animist fount of light at the top of the Emerald Falls, then called the Evenrude Falls. It was dangerous though, and on some nights sacred tot he unholy trio its power could be correupted – and so the oversaw it as their duty to oversee the fount.



Knowledge broken down by ease of discovery/prominence.
If nothing is indicated, assume Common Knowledge.

Most Recent Stirrings

Early Years

The early years of the monestary are at Doniesh are shrounded in mystery. There was some secret mission that had taken on.

Multiple Animist Founts discovered! In addition to the corrupted powerful one, 2 additional powerful animist fonts were also discovered – an unprecedented 3 total within a few miles from each other – NEVER heard of.

  • Creb-Vavarood: Underdark Font – It was all that could be done to keep the knowledge of this node of power a secret. All manner of assistance was asked from the sisters of Aerna nearby (which they never asked about, but understood some dire need).
  • South Drift: Grasslands Font; This is the most powerful and difficult to find. It is a crystalline pit out of which grasses grow without any nutrients. It has all the normal powers of a greater animus font, and it is also was a was a Minor transcendent node. It had 2 paths of Druid, or it could be used for Wizard (Transmuter only)