Shadow Creche

Steel Realms

Shadow Creche is an evil, oppressive place where captives are kept, paralyzed by fear until their sacrifice. Shadows are birthed in service to the dark gods using living sacrifice, and the cool depths regenerate and restore them. It is a place of permanent darkness that only the servants of the dark gods can see in (or want to). The darkness is filled with hideous and unsettling noises as well. Only madness lies within their depths.

D20 Creche Powers

Its power is fueled by a bound Shadow Demon. The powers of darkness is fueled anger and hate of being bound. It is rumored that the freeing of the creature, if it can be accomplished, will grant the freer a single task. Either freeing or killing the demon will destroy the creche.
  • See DMG© p. 298 (Noises) for eerie sounds within it.

Incarna Core Creche Powers

Destroying a Shadow Creche: The destruction of one may trigger a reward in the form of a Boon of Helca – Cradle of Health.

Adventures Using This Material

Ruins at Gelch Pond (Incursion to Torrelsons Ford)