Divinity in the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

The Steel Realms have only a small number of divine entities invoking dominion over the world of Helca. In the before-times, only the great Anima spirits of beasts, plants, and the elements were worshiped by the beings of Helca, and little to no formal religion was observed. No record exists of these far off moments, but it is said several attempts of civilization came and went within the Nakrian peoples. The dragons of Helca seem to go back to before even the Nakria. They were venerated as sources of power and knowledge and the most ancient myths have a story of them protecting Helca from ancient forces from the far reaches of the the stars. They took as they saw fit, but mostly lived in harmony with the other creatures of Helca. Strangely, no record of their animosity of later times is recorded in any of the before-times – unlike after the Celestial Epoch, and the time of the Blood of Saemon. In order to prevent the world from being destroyed, most of the powerful entities of Helca have agreed to avoid direct manifestation and combat; this is reflected in the The Godspeak Accord.

Following the common covenants of the Unified Pantheon as well as any individual Principal’s covenants proscribed will ensure the character remains in Good Standing with their faith, enabling access to all their capabilities derived from that bond.

  • Trivial Presence: Theme members get basic services – a place to rest, meager fare, replenish mundane supplies – for their modest minimum or 5% tithe. Services like legal advice come at a reduced price.
  • Minor Presence: Minor members largely go unheard and are mostly in it for a little knowledge without having to commit to a major tithe (10% of their income generally) and support. Services like legal advice are generally free (without complications).
  • Major Presence: Major members of the guilds are active and pay a major tithe (25% of their income generally). They report on their whereabouts and adventures (without giving away secrets of the PC’s) and information they have gained in order to better inform their brothers and sisters. Services like legal advice are free. They officiate some ceremony and participate in group administration.
  • Preeminent Presence: As with Major Presence, but they are leaders and representatives within the community and are part of higher group administration. A certain amount of time each year must be allocated to maintaining their presence.

Divine Accouterments and Equipment

Magic/Mystic items are typically Singularly Bound.

Other Divine Materials

Realm's Aptitude Powers: Divine, Occult, and Psychic