House of Maphazel (Draconic Lineage)

Steel Realms

The Bloodline/House of Maphazel makes it home in a deep vein of copper in Copper Deep. They have basked in the metallic vein for so long their scales have gone copper and bronze. They have a pact with the Ducateon . At least three dragons are known to be part of the bloodline. They prefer to be addressed as a “House” the way noble families of humanoids often are. This has lead to much speculation… there may be a dozen or more, and perhaps even dragon kin long hidden from the surface world.


Knowledge is broken down by ease of discovery/availability. If nothing is indicated, assume Common Knowledge.

Common Knowledge

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CY 2531+ The dragons prowl the Gurtan Tunnel-Ways to clear them of magical influence and uncover enemies. They are able to carve a new route under the mountains. The Ducateon attack the Orrish in the Tolkisson range host from behind using the (Lower Gurtan Way tunnel) in a coordinated attack with men, giant, elf, and Grollen – driving them back across the mountains.

CY 2528; The Ducateon make peace with the dragon house Maphazel.

Uncommon Knowledge

The dragons are believed to have shown the Ducateon a forging technique (using their breath to heat the forge?) that allowed them to quickly craft many weapons and arm even their non-warriors in the attacks around CY 2130.

Secret Knowledge

Note: Secret Knowledge is information not available in any known references; It is not necessarily Forbidden Knowledge.

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