Alignment: Unaligned
pThese creatures appear as oily chunks of black rock, covered n spikes. Their unnatural sheen is the only was to tell them apart from normal dark rocks. They are curious and aggressive. When threatened, they ball themselves up into a spiked 3 foot diameter sphere that few creatures want to try and tear apart to digest.

They often follow Orrish encampments or dwell outside Orrish cities eating cast-offs. They can, 1/Long Rest retract their spikes (until they are “flared” again to make them look like a giant potato bugs, it is these few moments that mating rituals .

Orrish prize their corpses as spike bucklers. Sometimes they can be trained through extreme starvation and painful negative reinforcement to have one wrap around the forearm and server as a spiked buckler, since their skin, when alive is bony, rigid (yet they secret a fluid keeping it supple and not breaking).

They are born in clutches of 7-8 but only the strongest survive. If there are mixed gender the strongest make and female survive, otherwise only 1.

They are thought to be strange relatives of the armadillo and mimic, due to their ability to change surface form and color.

They are also thought to be grown as sacrificial victims among the Orrish – as they have just enough intelligence to border on the edge of sentience, but are nt difficult to skill.

AC: 17
HD: 6 (Hearty! 36 HP)
Camouflage (can hold still and change color for hours on end)
Resistance: Acid
Multi-Attack (D4)
STR 9, CON 15, DEX 9, INT 5, WIS 5, CHA 7

It is said that some High King’s Rangers have been able to rescue them as offsrping, raise them as their pown pets and develop a symbiotic relationship. In exchange for 3 HP of blood a day, they are a touch buckler – one with a measure of Resilience and +1 AC.