Oath of the Day Watch

Steel Realms

Most observe the Oath of the Day Watch: At some point, before their 15th birthday, most folk of Gladnor, Beryl’s protectorate in the south, freelanders of Kaald, all travel to a local shrine, church, briarwood or civilian authority to affirm their support in the fight against the darkness. It is mostly symbolic, not a sworn oath; not everyone does, but there’s enough social pressure. However, some take it very seriously – especially in the north of the Steel Realms.

Who Administers the Oath

Traveling bards, knights, some priests, and nobles also perform as functionaries to take the oath. Priests and knights must be part of an institution and approved – the Lightbringers do this only.

The Intent of the Oath

Briefly, the dire threat of the darkness in the east is born witness to, and the person swears to “render what aid they can to those directly fighting this evil when called upon” – usually just a roof and food for most.

Which Divine Powers Support the Oath

  • Prowlers of the Night: Ezrilus, Darupet, Gaia, and Mizras.
  • Prowlers of the Day: Lightbringers and Mizras.
  • Elancil generally sides with the Darkness.
    Realm's Aptitude Powers: Divine, Occult, and Psychic