Purge of the Hidden

Steel Realms
CY 5009

Purge of the Hidden was made in response to sorcerers trying to take control of Gladnor. The sisterhood of Dohar Djardin led the purge from east, Umbak from the west. Swept south – leaving north the only place they could flee to. Those remaining tried it in Kaald too, and were expunged and sentenced to death as they banded with strange tentacled creatures from another dimension to take control and failed.

A few individuals are thought to have survived and fled into the deep north. One order changed its ways, adopted a new Patron and continued on, marrying into the family that ruled Riverdan of Monaides. The formed the House Du’Orlok, and are a countering force to House Malor in Dunstrand. The members of House Malor suspect the presence of these high art practitioners, but have not been able to prove anything.

Realm's Aptitude Powers: Divine, Occult, and Psychic