Gangs of Hard Times in Ados

Steel Realms
Tony Montana - Thug Life

Tony Montana – Thug Life

Thug LifeHard Times in Ados

Nothing happens without direct initiation from a gang. Fights break out sometimes, but no act of crime is ever carried out without some gang boss or crew chief giving permission. Independents are frowned upon.

Pledging to a Gang

Your first 4 ‘jobs’ are not yours to choose. Once these are done, and one will be a Rumble, you get your own Flop House (starting with a dirty room in a tenement). Payment will be minimal, if at all.

Rewards for Gang Jobs

Independant operators hired by gangs get more $, but gang pledges and members get other more intangible rewards.

  • Reputation in AND out of the gang. On any given job, if its for a gang, PCs get to use their squad reputation if its higher.
  • You still get $, just less for gang pledge/members than independent (Copper Cups, Bronze Stars, rarely Silver Crown).
  • Yo! – Ho’s (also spies for the gang)
  • Get to name your flop house (+1 Gang Reputation)
  • Prestige Items (bling, quality footwear, clothes/decorations on clothes, jewelry, weapons, etc.)
  • Mundane Loot (good furniture, clothes, dishes, supplies, etc. for your flop house)
  • Parties “in ‘yo honor” = temp gang reputation (w/ho’s and food and drink + drugs!)
  • Graffiti “in ‘yo honor” = temp gang and outside reputation

Gangs of Crow Alley and the slums

Darding Bloods

Common Knowledge: Loose organization with common contests for leadership.
Rumored to have the best relationship with the watch.

Colors/Sign: Green; Three drops of green blood on inside forearm

Home Turf: Corpuz Bend

Inside Knowledge: The ‘bloods have the closest connection to the slums.

Leadership: WEAK (Boss=Joe) / Membership: 85

Protected Healing: (non-interrupted) Poor

Split Negotiation Checks: +1 in all split checks

Mustering Search: +1 any attempt to hide items from splits

Disrespect: 5


Common Knowledge:

Colors/Sign: Red; Dagger through a heart on shoulder

Home Turf: Jar Street

Inside Knowledge:

Leadership: STRONG (Boss=Owen) / Membership: 50 (smallest)

Protected Healing: (non-interrupted) Average

Split Negotiation Checks: -1 on all split checks

Mustering Search: -2 any attempt to hide items from splits

Disrespect: 6

Black Eyes

Common Knowledge:

Colors/Sign: Black; Two black triangular eyes, base-to-base pointing out on back of neck

Home Turf: Dragon’s Tail

Inside Knowledge:

Leadership: Principled; CODE (Boss=Bart) / Membership: 70

Protected Healing: (non-interrupted) Poor

Pitch Bribe modifiers: Maximum of +1 RS on pitch bribes

Split Negotiation Checks:

Mustering Search: -1 any attempt to hide items from splits

Disrespect: 8

The Dice Men

Common Knowledge:

Colors/Sign: Grey/white; Cleaver cutting a dice in half on back

Home Turf: Table Street

Inside Knowledge:

Leadership: STRONG (Boss=Drew) / Membership: 60

Protected Healing: (non-interrupted) Average

Split Negotiation Checks: -2

Mustering Search: -4 any attempt to hide items from splits

Disrespect: 7

Jobs are scenarios wherein the PC’s crew is sent on a mission for their boss, or perhaps try independent work (but still working for a gang). Each job will test some specific mechanics of the system, and provide fun for the PC’s. These should be simple, limited in run time to a couple hours (more with added roleplaying), and have clearly defined start/complete points. Each job has properties:

Getting Spotted: There’s always a chance that someone sees any activity that goes on in Crow Alley. In broad daylight, a +1 CS penalty is impose on “spotted” checks, same with an area considered crowded. If there is a chance activity can be spotted, make a level 2 check:

  • Full: Watch/block patrol saw + everyone else knows
  • Simple-Major: Informant (to informer)
  • Fail: No one of consequence or who will get involved

Getting Jobs

‘The Pitch’ – Convincing the boss to give the job to you. Each character has a chance to be chief for a job;
Factor in pitch bribes…

Completing a Job: ‘Mustering Out’ – Meeting up with gang leaders and telling them what ‘went down’.
Crews will be shook down for items. Rewards are paid out, splits are handled. Each character making a successful reputation check will have a lover for that night (who will also scout out the PC’s ‘crib’ for signs of held back loot and disrespect).

Disrespect: Independent crews may be attacked by a posse from a gang later; this will not be ordered by a boss, but they will do nothing to prevent it.

A check is made by taking the gags disrespect level and subtracting the reputation of the chief.

Scaling Jobs for Difficulty

All the encounters are lumped together in a single set without much thought of difficulty or order in which they should be used. There is a lot the GM can do to scale the jobs – jobs in Crow Alley should not be as hazardous (fights will be fatigue damage or not to the death; reduce the numbers, reduce Health and/or ability levels, add bonuses to checks for actions of PC’s), while those in the upscale Brewer’s Cross will play more for keeps (increase danger in fight; use poison/drugs/better tactics, add numbers, add Health and/or levels).

Using Violence in Jobs

Violence is expected of the characters, but the degree is up to them. Killing
targets will bring unwanted attention of the watch, cause strife in the community and resistance to the gangs,
and is messy. It also sends a message that when needed, it is not ruled out – the players will have to be judicious. The more violence they use, the more will be used on them – especially in the higher stakes Brewer’s Cross.

Repercussions: Too much death will result in the crew being cut from the gang (they can go independent), or an attack will be triggered. An assassin can be hired by the community to kill the primary offending character –
many people will be beaten in retaliation if the characters are members of a gang, if they are not, nothing
happens and the PC crew will not be able to find out who hired their attacker.


  • Reward: Reward for the crew for doing the job; Chief negotiates payment.

    – Chief get a bonus equal to half the base reward they negotiate.

    – What to do if there’s only a single leader of the gang? All rewards will be average at best.
  • Split: Any goods or other items taken in the course of the job must be split with the gang. Normally half is expected; persuade can reduce this by half and/or get first pick.
  • Pitch Bribe: Base value to bribe the gang members to give a character the job; +1 RS on the ‘pitch’ for each base value paid. Survival: Urban to know the pitch bribe; otherwise the character will have to guess at bribe levels.
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