Geraldine Aelishan’s Bloodline

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Steel Realms

Origins: Geri’s corruption by reading Midnight in Cavaris. Further altered by her theft and bonding to the essence of a fallen Celestial, and finally her transformation into a vampire and then Witch of Dwindor. To say the least, chaos and a certain moral flexibility are encoded now in the genes. Also inherited is the Dwindor Blood Oath.

D20 Geri Bloodline Aspects

  1. Race is Celestial (Fallen only), but looks mostly human.
  2. Lifespan of 200 years; ages half as fast if the entire year was spent inside of Dunstrand.
  3. Maximum HP at 1st level.
  4. Can have 2 Primary classes (requires aptitude for both) – but first one must be Wizard w/no background (Background taken after wizardly training).
  5. Wing shapes on back grows black/green soft, flat feathers of a single layer – just an outline, not functional.
  6. Eyes are always flashing green or lustrous brown, with small golden speckles (only notice if look really close; during full moon)
  7. If female/non-male, first child is always a girl.
  8. If female/non-male, fertile at age 12.
  9. Bound to Dunstrand (inside its bounds)
    • Druidcraft (cantrip) reveals Feywild influence/gate within 30′ or by touch; sense presence of Druid Sign within 30′.
    • The character has access to the Eldritch Adept feat (but only if pledging to the Witch of Dwindor).

Incarna Core Geri Bloodline Aspects

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