Deachalia (‘The Bastille in the Clouds’)

Pronounced ‘Day-Kalia’

Creator: Steven Grenier; 2020
Design: Steven Grenier and Kelly Berger
Editor: Kelly Berger

Deachalia, also known as the ‘Bastille in the Clouds’, is a world of a giant city that surrounds a tower that goes to the clouds. The tower is a massive portal to countless dungeons that are constantly in transition. The ‘roots’ of the city, deep under the tower, imprison an elder god whose name and nature are long forgotten – even by the gods themselves. Adventurers are taken from the ranks of orphans, or from other planes and places, and set by various factions into the ‘dungeons’ of the tower to generate divine power in victory and glory in the name of the gods who keep the locks to the imprisoned god empowered so that it does not get let loose upon the multiverse.