One of the the 3 Realms of Outer Darkness; Voikatis – where the favored go, Kemizharoun – banished souls and a place of trial, where life continues on until the soul proves itself, and Fworgai) – the fiery hell where souls are consumed and tortured forever. These three realms are the home of some of the most vile and merciless beings ever spawned. They are realms so violent and carnal that not one visitor has ever left with their Sanity intact. Each realm has 8 dukes which rule over different lands, forever themselves locked in a struggle for power against their masters and themselves. These dukes are ‘The Keepers’ – they convey the souls of the dead and create the channels of power for the murderous and hateful divinities tied to these realms, who send to them the souls of their followers – both sides needing the services of the other to maintain their powers.