Moon Weapons (of the Feywild)

Moon BladeReflections of the moon can be magically captured, and forged into a powerful weapon under the bright light of the non-day brilliance of a full moon. None of the weapons are straight edged weapons, all are carved from the edges of the moon’s reflection though ancient methods perfected by the Unseelie Fey, long captured in ancient scrolls, bark bound books and silver sheets. Even lesser spirits cam embody moon power on certain days when planets and circumstances are in alignment.

Making of Moon Armaments

Moon Armament Properties

Many moon weapons share some similar properties. Each blade is unique and named, imbued quenched in the blood of living creatures. The DNA sequence of the maker is etched, interwoven into the scenes of hunting and community on the item.

  • Swiftness under moonlight (initiative adjustment)
  • Lightning related powers
  • Their touch is like Chill Touch spell to undead
  • Flickering form – most can be wielded using a variety of proficiency – with the stats matching the PC’s best matching proficiency.
  • Many have an aura of some kind; typically bonding with such gives them a “silvered” quality.

Forms of Moon Armaments

Scimitar: Sabre, cutlass




Curved 2 Hander:

Curved Spear Blade: