Equitus Crystal

Green Crystal, Monarchs Crystal, Emerald Crystal

Some plots are massive single crystals, in other places a field of smaller ones. They are all composed of a material that is not natural, nor can it be created through magic.

They are not discoverable by any known technical or magical means. They do not appear to register in any magical methods of detection. There are a few creatures, such as some elder species, which can detect it through Aura Sight, though these few creatures are individuals, and ancient beyond reckoning.

The strange green emerald-like quartz (Augmentum) that is imbued with a strange sentience. It has powerful properties to augment and enhance any type of power, but especially magical.

Multiverse – > Emerald Bridges (between worlds) A network
Emerald Caves = Portals (several around Helca)
Can view/bridge dreams and nightmares (accidental or trivial trigger) = ex: panopticon of house malor
Can jump worlds (strong trigger)
Can jump to other portals in the same world (weaker trigger)
Each solstice the portals themselves come alive and amplify any trivial or accidental trigger into a full strong trigger – catapulting characters into other worlds tied to their facets.
Portals are usually attuned to one or more worlds – each portal has a number of “facets”