The Multiverse

Mysticism is at the heart of the Incarna cosmology. It adds a layer of on top of the normal material interactions within the organized multiverse. This mysticism incorporates ideas of how all action, magic, time, and energy comes together based on a notion called The Pattern.

The Pattern

The Pattern is the perceived continuously unfolding, interwoven nature of the multiverse. It is made up of Essence (describes an entity; Aptitude represents the nature and Anima is the energy), Spark (interactions between things; a multitude of defined damage types reflect its manifestations), and Foundation (the flow – from idea to negation; Aether, Brilliance, Umbragia, and Void).


Mystic Pillars: Divine, Kinetic, Occult, Psychic

The energies
>Void = The Far Realm

Well of Shadows = Negative Plane (aka Nighmaria-horror/negative)
– Shadowfell > Aether/Void/Shadows
(origins of all undead)
Astral = Astral
– Drakkoniya > Elemental Chaos/Astral
(origins/claimed by Dragons)
Well of Radiance = Positive Plane (aka Dreamaria-fantasy/positive)
– Feywild > Aether/Astral/Radiance
(origins/claimed by Faerie races)
Aether = Ethereal

The Integrated iVerse

The Outerverse

iVerse Materials