iDnD Branch

Incarna reflected the “gritty realism” (see 5th Edition DMG p.) perspective and lethality missing in the common tropes most often presented in ©Dungeons and Dragons™. The HP and AC mechanics were really no more than an endless pursuit of pluses and adjustments. With 5th edition, many of these approaches are defined variants and now work well in a balanced DnD system. The “iDnD Branch” (originally begun in 08/2015 – see original work & original announcement) is a branch of the Incarna game which incorporates DnD rules with a set of custom guidelines (essentially a “home brew“) to produce a home brew variant. Incarna is proud to also stand as a still fully independent and unique approach (“iCore”) among many independent game builders.

Changes to Core DnD

Rule of Average“: DnD relies on a lot of randomly checked outcomes. This has a tendency to slow the game down (purposely not present in the iCore versions), so the iDnD variant adopts this rule variant (per DMG) to denote where the average for a randomly checked result is used in place of the check. There are ways around this, depending on how players apply Essence options to their DnD characters.

  1. Weapon Damage
  2. Spell Damage
  3. Defensive Armoring
  4. Hit Dice

Resting and Recovery

A short rest is a full night of rest. A long rest is a full week of rest. The normal Survival Rules for Incarna apply otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Official Supplements with Incarna Rules?

A: Yes – A DM can easily apply or or not any of the Incarna variant rules to purchased supplements.