Action Pool/”Blue 2.0″


Form Options – Build, Bulk, Frame
[X] – Updated

Weapon Properties

  1. Simple [Use]; Staff (can be used as a light staff), Club (can be used as a light club), Knife
  2. Fundamental: Basic – anyone can gain expertise in these (staff, club, knife) without competency
  3. Impervious
  4. Pierce: “mode” – allows for impale
  5. Cut: “mode” – allows for slash
  6. Blunt: “mode” – allows for crush
  7. Abrade: “mode” strips surface flesh/layer
  8. Propelled “mode” (if first, indicates assumed). Damage increase is by STR, not by item, not by size. Throwable might be harder to evade than melee, but possible (shoot/fast ranged next to impossible. A throwable class also allows for powers which reduce bows/guns to throwable and make them so they can be dodged. Throwable might have interesting options like “curve” throw, “spin” throw, “2 handed” throw (hey, you can grip more haft when throwing) – this is an interesting option.
  9. Soft: No damage to armor
  10. Equipoised: If item use achieves Poise and item is Swift, -1 RS defend?
  11. _____if multi grip weapon is str > x2 hen weapon can be wielded with 1 hand; wielder must count full ENC value and and have a SF = species avg. + 50%

  12. Overpower: If x2 STR and RCT of any multi-grip or swift then -1 RS to defend
  13. Overbear: damage x2 for KB (many guns, mauls, etc.)
  14. Reach: When defenders item ½ attackers, attacker wins initiative regardless of AM
  15. Fend: 1-4 measure; designed to block – the ENC modifier for determining resilience is higher.Also gains the measure as a CS bonus to all block actions, or if used as a ‘simple’ item type noted.
  16. Bulwark: The shielding measure is be made into an RS bonus for defense, but all offensive actions suffer the same penalty. Bulwark items can be used to form a “shield wall”; Items with the Swift property reduce one defensive RS adjustment (min 1)
  17. “Encumbering”/Bulky – Items that automatically throw you off balance even after you have accommodated for the weight alone through ENC/EC = fv > 2 = PENALTY on athletics, etc. “Wielded” items cannot cause this.
  18. EASY X (affects AM); easy parry -1 AM to parry, easy block
  19. Natural weapons ; grapple of >4 may allow this for natural hit/punch/etc. in weird way?
  20. weapons marked as swift, some skill to leverage to make it harder to be defended against?
    -1 Evade

Materials Reference