Aptitude Approach for d20

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     ONLY Applicable to the Incarna d20 Variant      
This is an approach to using a supplementary/variant set of information for using Incarna through the d20 rules.

This approach to using the d20 variant for Incarna uses a great deal of extra rules on top of the existing Essential Approach rule changes and the d20 system itself. The Aptitude Approach for the d20 Incarna variant is considered an Advanced concept. It add a lot of Incarna specific mechanics and options that may impact the balance, play, and time spent on the game.

Alternate Take: Allotted Essence

To avoid using the full Aptitude system but maintain the iVerse flavor and context, use “Allotted” Essence. This is Essence offered up permanently to achieve familiarity in the noted function. Example: 5 [Occult] Allotted Essence means the character must have sacrificed 5 Essence towards Occult familiarity.


Adoption of a Primary Class and Primary Ability at the time of acquiring the first measure of Aptitude for d20. * No Aptitude’s granted powers can be exercised unless the character’s level is equal to or higher than the Aptitude rating. *

Primary Class: Must always be the highest class level (cannot be tied), if the character is multiclass. Must match the Primary Class for the Aptitude taken first.

Acquiring Aptitude under the d20 System

At the time of acquiring the first measure of Aptitude for d20, the player must choose whether or not to use Aptitude for d20. Characters must assign a Primary Class if they have not already (they may only possess 1); this must be the highest or tied for highest Class Level. This class must be one in which they have a starting level in. The character must choose their Primary Ability if they have not already (they may only possess 1); It must be on the list of the Primary Class’s Proficient Abilities.

If the character has both Primary Class and Primary Ability selected at the time of Character Inception, they gain a Character Weave.